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Alpha Production Account from a Swiss Asset Management Company 

Two years have passed since the publication of a white paper on positioning Swiss Asset Management (SwAM). At least from a conceptual point of view, there seems to be a trend indicating that SwAM.

I was never thinking: Because retiring from football can be a brutal experience: And suddenly I had two go to work, like everybody else! His name would open doors, Vega found: But they want to talk about football! I ask if they took him seriously: I was hitting a wall all the time. The first two years were difficult. I really need to be better than these guys!

But at the same time, fund managers are limited in what they can do. But as a child of the recession, the VSAM spirit is to be responsive to change: You need to be flexible, see what the market wants, and then you have to adjust. And good food of course: I ask him what Swiss food is like: Then it starts to get a bit tricky … Oh, the chocolate fondue!

He has a great interest in private equity investments and disruptive technologies which is why he is fascinated by the current developments in the crypto market. In the past he has also been involved in the building up and running of startups. Having found a great interest in cryptocurrencies and ICOs, Alex has built up an extended expertise in this field. He has a great interest in the subtleties underlying different blockchains and is convinced that a blockchain can only be truly successful if it delivers real life value.

Benjamin Rickenbacher Chief Scientific Officer Leonard has gained valuable experience in consulting while also developing products, e-commerce models, and marketing initiatives in the startup environment. He is deeply interested in the innovation coming from blockchain startups, especially in product and business development as well as in marketing. Leonard Dulay-Winkler Chief Marketing Officer Jeff is an international marketing- and branding expert who is specialised in growth hacking and community building.

He previously worked for the Swiss Embassy and is very well connected with investors in Asia. Jeff Frey Executive Director Asia Isaac has more than 20 years of senior management experience in multichannel retail, growth hacking, and full stack e-commerce in eBay, Kimberly Clark, Dyson, and Sasa.

He also led digital transformation across various industries and continents. Isaac Chan General Manager Asia Dominik is a big crypto enthusiast, he brings his software development experience to crypto where he has worked on multiple dapp and smart contract projects.

He co-founded and chaired the Bitcoin Association Switzerland and has recently become a board member of Bitcoin Suisse. He previously co-founded Wuala, a cloud storage startup, and is a seed investor in a few Swiss startups. He is a founding partner of Behavioural Finance Solutions and a seasoned strategic advisor.

Moritz and is a board member of the Crypto Finance AG. He is actively involved as an investor in several startups in the blockchain space and has more than 20 years of experience in recruiting CEOs, board members, and senior executives for leading corporations and organisations.


Setting the Stage 

Swiss Asset Management businesses. We provide the complete, turn-key formation of Swiss Asset Management & Fiduciary Companies, including the custodian bank, licensing, website, address, phone and fax numbers, required personnel, etc. We also have premium aged companies for sale.

As a Swiss financial institution that is future-oriented, we understand what counts: You do, as a satisfied client in a long-lasting relationship with us. For many years, Swiss Asset Wealth Management has been active and farsighted when managing client assets. Asset Management manages the assets that Swiss Re generates through its core insurance and reinsurance businesses. We do so using a robust asset-liability management process. In addition to matching assets and liabilities, our team optimises risk-adjusted investment returns within defined risk limits. 

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Welcome to Swiss Funds & Asset Management Association SFAMA. Aug. Fund Market Statistics – July SFAMA Media release 12/ Swiss fund market posts renewed gains. Jul. Fund Market Statistics – June Swiss fund market virtually unchanged. First Swiss Asset Management is a fully integrated mortgage portfolio manager, advisor and servicer. We have been working with banks and private lenders, investors and brokers to build and manage high-performance mortgage loan portfolios since

We are delighted to invite you to the 7th Swiss Asset Management Day, entitled “Facing Digital Challenges”, which will take place on Wednesday, 4 July in Pfäffikon (SZ), Switzerland.[node:field_image_gallery]. The Institute of Financial Services Zug IFZ, part of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and the Asset Management Platform Switzerland have produced the first comprehensive study on asset management in Switzerland. It shows that the sector has assets under management totalling CHF 2, billion, up 12% year-on-year, and a .

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